Intuition validation engine

As a note of interest, a precursor to Platform Genesis dates from November 2019, and can be found here on our founder’s GitHub page:

To the original ReadMe which can be found in this link we have been developing our understanding of how to make operating systems systemically compliant with all current and future privacy protocols and regulatory frameworks:

  • the philosophy of conflating user and admin in one single role and entity – that is, either human, machine, or other still to be defined – which essentially defines a new paradigm for operating systems;
  • that is, we propose entirely peer-to-peer relationships amongst all aspects of the system with zero privileges for any user/admin above and beyond any other;
  • alongside the above, we also propose the functionality of a “green sharing button” under the unique control of only the user/admin subjects mentioned already – which means that on the capture of the raw data by empowered inside-out user experiences, the evidencing of such datasets (including storage in order to reliably retrieve and manipulate), and the generation of insights using machine-supported technologies, no one outside the absolutely necessary combination of user/admin and exclusively dedicated tech will ever see any intuition, arational thought, high-level domain expertise or other kinds of “thinking without thinking” without the express permission initially of the user/admin subject;
  • finally, it is of course quite possible in a future much closer than we imagine, the here briefly discussed Platform Genesis approaches, philosophies, and technologies will enable machines to collaborate in similar dynamics, where both their rights to privacy – and even secrecy – may be supported. That is to say, they too will be user/admin subjects with similar rights to inside-out operating system hierarchies, as opposed to those which we are used to at the moment, where inspection from the outside-in has always been the norm, has always been expected, and has always had to be tolerated.

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