Posted this afternoon on a tech website, which didn’t allow. So posted here, to facilitate in the meantime:

“Hi everyone

I thought I’d post an intro text about the way I like working and then what I’m really fired up about working on.

Just as an anecdote: I read the Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech to my mum today, and she was sooo touched. And I found myself blubbing as I read it. And then she said it was all ok.


It’s almost Christmas, after all …

A bit about me

I’m interested in talking with people who are interested in talking to learn. I don’t really like the sound of words like listening or consultation: I much prefer dialogue or debate, preferably prefaced by open or open-ended.

A bit more about what I do

I’ve been working on a project since 2016 at least; but thought-experimenting it all this time, not building it (except with words – I don’t code, but I do: my software language is English). And mebbe I’ve been building it since my first degree in 1980: Film & Literature.

I’ve become gradually more capable of enunciating more simply what I knew was always there to be identified:

  1. Confusing ambiguity vs precise ambiguity.
  2. Automating humans out of relevance vs industrialising us majorly back into all our future-presents.
  3. Making it possible for everyone to be a genius, in some respect or other.
  4. Lately, focussing on making the non-communicable possible to communicate.

If you’ve ever heard of the term micro-expressions – they’re the facial and other movements that allow intuitive people to work out when we’re telling lies to them (or people in love to work out that another can’t help reciprocating, even when in a practical sense this is necessarily impossible) – then you may be interested to hear that I think they exist in linguistic and other communicative, social, and investigatory contexts, too. They’re what leads to a gut feeling being right. The problem being, we don’t really have tools to validate such feelings (ie feedback loops that enable us to begin to learn to distinguish our good gut instincts from our less useful).

That’s what we’re working on; what I’ve been thinking about the whole of my life; what I was put on the planet to sort; what makes my life so much fun.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in enhancing, expanding, upskilling and organically growing the capacity of your organisation to capture, evidence (ie store for access and future retrieval) and accurately validate – with an inside-out, inevitably privacy-respectful, operating-system architecture – all kinds of human intuition, arational thinking, high-level domain expertise, and thinking without thinking (essentially, the IP you’re paying your workforces to have every day of the week, going to tragic waste every second of every day of the week) then I’d love, really love to work with you on further defining real-world use-cases that our ideas could defo support:

Contact me here or on LinkedIn, or anywhere else. But contact me.


Have a safe day. Keep cool. Be good, even when it’s well-nigh impossible.

Mil, Founder of Better Biz Me Ltd

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